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IDPA - San Juan Defensive Pistol

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The San Juan Defensive Pistol Association (SJDPA) has been affiliated with The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) since October 2000. SJDPA is a chance to practice defensive handgun shooting skills in a competitive environment.

Shooters are divided into four firearm divisions, depending on action type and caliber. Shooters compete in five different classifications, based on skill level. A special 90 round classification match is held three times per year and additional classifiers as necessary. In a match you compete only against shooters in the same division and classification.

Regularly scheduled matches are held the first Sunday of every month. Special matches are held occasionally, and shooters will be notified in advance of any additional matches.

New shooters are encouraged to first watch a match and ask questions, as there are rules and procedures specific to IDPA. We have instructors available to help with any problems and/or questions, and all new shooters must pass a safety check, unless they have satisfactory credentials. SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE CONCERN !!!

For rules and other information visit the International Defensive Pistol Association website at

For additional info concerning the local San Juan Defensive Pistol Association (SJDPA) call Tom Maddox, (505) 793-6513, e-mail: