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Defensive Handgun 1

Defensive Pistol Photo

Contact: Mike Freestone Instructor 27


Phone: 505-787-9912 


Contact: Terry Eagle Instructor 50


Phone: 505-486-4699



The Defensive Pistol Class has been developed to meet the need for continuing training in the use of handguns beyond the basics covered in the concealed carry class.

The class begins at 8:00 AM with classroom discussion on the topics of defensive shooting concepts, psychological reactions-physiological responses and shooting techniques.

Range time includes forensic shooting of ballistic gelatin, windshield and other commonly encountered items.

Shooting exercises include problem solving-multiple adversary scenarios, one hand shooting and reloading and CQB techniques.

The final segment will include interactive scenarios utilizing the Laser-Shot training system (this system is a type of training commonly used in law enforcement and is invaluable in situational analysis and decision making) and dim light utilizing flashlight, tritium night sights and laser.