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American Rimfire Association

ARA Photo

Contact: Kurt Palmer


Phone: 505-320-2119



ARA was started in April 1998 by a group of .22lr shooters who wanted a great organization for competitive .22lr benchrest competition. They formulated the ARA statistics on which the awards are based and kept up with all match reports and shooter statistics. In addition, the ARA News and website were started in an effort to disseminate information to all ARA participants. In 2010, ARA was bought by Dan Killough, whose goal was to continue the vision of the ARA founders by providing an honest competitive organization that is true to .22lr shooting. One of the most exciting changes Dan introduced in the ARA is the implementation of electronic scoring, which makes scoring targets faster and unbiased. Electronic scoring is optional but encouraged for all ARA clubs. In 2017, The ARA organization was acquired by ELEY INC, who continue to promote and expand 22lr competitions. ARA has clubs across the United States offering ARA matches and tournaments to anyone interested in precision .22lr bench rest shooting.

The ARA is a sanctioning body for .22 long rifle bench rest competitions. Both the Unlimited and Factory class have 20 minutes to shoot a 25 bull target for a maximum score of 2500.

Monthly competition held second and fourth Friday each month. Setup at 7 and shoot at 8.

Two classes are available:

Factory Class – any factory firearm as defined in ARA rules