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Contact: Mike Freestone - Instructor 27


Phone: 505-787-9912


Contact: Terry Eagle - Instructor 50


Phone: 505-486-4699



The CCW class, by statute, is comprised of fifteen hours of instruction. Class times are 6:30-10:00 on Thursday and Friday and 8:00-5:30 on Saturday. The CCW license is based on action type and caliber. The two action types are semi-auto and non-semi-auto with qualification required for each action type. The caliber used for qualification and all smaller calibers are legal to carry.

Thursday night instruction is focused on concealed carry law and legal considerations as well as scenarios involving home and personal defense. The evening concludes with interactive scenarios utilizing the Laser-Shot training system. This system is a type of training commonly used in law enforcement and is invaluable in situational analysis and decision making. Friday evening begins with a discussion on firearms and ammunition. The last part of the class will be spent on the indoor range using snap caps in manipulation and clearing malfunction drills.

Saturday morning begins by shooting .22 caliber handguns on the indoor range in the dark with the aid of flashlights. The class then goes to the range for a variety of shooting drills and qualification. For the range time we ask that attendees bring 150 rounds of ammunition for primary firearm and 50 rounds for additional firearm if both action types will be on permit. In addition attendees will need a strong side holster and at least two magazines for semi auto pistols. The class concludes with a written test and completion of the necessary paperwork to be submitted for the permit.

We have been involved since the inception of concealed carry in New Mexico.