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Club Policies 



  • There will be a $25 deposit on the key card that is refundable upon surrender of the card.

  • You may be required to produce ID to prove who you are when on the range.

  • If someone gets caught using your card, the card will be deactivated, the membership will be revoked and the deposit forfeited.

  • Family memberships are for spouses or minor children that live at home, NOT grown children or relatives.

  • Visitors must be accompanied by a current SJWF member, sign an Indemnity Release and pay a $10 fee in the box at the guard shack.

  • Range personnel and safety officers must be obeyed at all times.

  • Please observe the range rules on each of the ranges.

Shotgun Range:

The shotgun range is used only during scheduled shooting hours.

Casual plinking may be done on the west side where the hand throwers are located.

Under no circumstances is the shotgun range to be used for any other shooting activities.

Benchrest Range:

The 100 yard benchrest range (the range located immediately to the east of the main building) is for rifles only.

No handguns of any type are allowed.

General Purpose Range:

Also known as the “long range”. This range is for all shooting activities.

Pistol Range:

Also known as the “east canyon range” or “lower range”. This range is for straight walled pistol cartridges and shotguns used for Cowboy action shooting or 3 Gun Nation 3-Gun matches. No high power rifles allowed.

Indoor Range:

This range is for organized shooting only. It is open for use only during the designated times. The indoor shooting range is the north end of the club house building. The portion that is the shooting range is from the south edge of the garage door and north. The maximum firing line from the permanent target butt is fifty (50) feet. This is inclusive of any portable targets. No shooting will take place south of the (50') firing line.

  • Pick up all expended brass and deposit in the trash cans provided.

  • When a match is going on, that particular range is closed to everyone except competitors.

  • Props and target stands are to be returned to their original location after use.

  • Match directors are required to report to the BOD and Membership on match results and fees must be turned in to the Treasurer at least quarterly.

  • There is a $30 fee to use the club house for activities.

  • For special matches there is a $15 per competitor fee to be turned into the club.

Concealed Carry Training Providers Policy: The policy may be downloaded HERE.

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