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Second Amendment 


Second Amendment and Gun Owner Rights

Pro-Gun Rally at the Santa Fe Roundhouse."

Pro-Gun Women, NM Shooting Sports Association and the NRA are organizing a pro-gun rally at the State Capitol (Roundhouse) on January 31st, 2020. We encourage all those who are able to attend the rally.

The New Mexico Shooting Sport Association has offered to rent one or more 15 passenger vans to ease transportation issues to this Second Amendment rally. Anyone who needs or would like to participate in the rally and would like to travel in a van, please contact ASAP Steve White, webmaster@sjwf.org or 505-320-3048 .

Pro-gun Rally organizers' information and rules:

Basic Details - more coming later.

  • Arrive 10:30 - 11:00 A.M. Rally starts at 11:00 A.M. at the roundhouse. Give yourself time to park and walk.  Parking is usually far from the Roundhouse.

  • This is an outdoor rally so dress warm.

  • There will be speakers, but we will keep it brief for inclement weather. Then we will march around the Roundhouse and up to the Governor's office to present her with No Red Flag Signatures.

  • Please make yourself visible inside the roundhouse - walk around, go visit the office of Representatives and leave them messages. Being SEEN inside is very effective.

  • Bring flags, signs, etc.

  • We WANT them to see us.

What we don't want:

  • Trouble makers

  • Vulgar signs like the left use

  • And this one might ruffle some feathers - but please, leave your long guns at home and just carry how you normally would. We want them to hear our MESSAGE not dismiss us because they are afraid.  They need to fear the message, not us.  Dress normal, be normal, just be louder than usual :-)

  • Open carry is not allowed in the roundhouse, so if you plan on going inside after, you have to unarm yourself and leave your gun someplace.  For now, you can conceal carry inside.

Just remember - we want them to see the numbers and hear the message. It's guaranteed that if anyone shows up dressed in all camo gear and body armor with an AR - that person will make the news only, and it won't be good news either.  So please, just dress in your normal day to day clothing.  And if you feel differently, I invite you to make your own rally. Thank you.

Here are some links to other organizations that are working to protect our gun rights:

    New Mexico Shooting Sports Association
    New Mexico Patriots
    San Juan County Patriots

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