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Range Rules 


Range Rules

It is important that the range rules are understood and followed by anyone using the ranges. Safety is our number one priority.


  1. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction, either down range or in the upright position.
  2. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
  4. Know your target and what is beyond your target.
  5. All firearms must be unloaded and actions open when not on the firing line.
  6. All repairs or adjustments must be made in the designated area.
  7. No one is permitted to handle a firearm when people are down range.
  8. Always be sure that you have the correct ammunition for the firearm.
  9. Always establish one firing line.
  10. Do not go down range on Range 2 (Long Range), past 100 yards, when shooting is in progress on the Range 1 (Benchrest Range) until coordinating the movement with the benchrest shooters and activating the Down Range Warning Light System on Range 2.
  11. No tracer or armor piercing ammunition is allowed.
  12. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  13. Follow the rules for each range:
    The East Canyon (Bays 3-11) is for pistol, rifles that shoot pistol cartridges, and shotguns. Handguns that use high velocity, bottle-necked rifle cartridges are NOT allowed for use in handgun bays.
    The East ranges (Bays 1 and 2) are for high power rifles.
    The main building is for indoor small bore matches.
    The west range is for shotguns only and is otherwise known as the Shotgun Range.
    The shotgun patterning range is for shotguns only.
  14. When shooting at silhouettes, do not shoot at an angle, shoot straight at them.
  15. Shotguns are not to be fired at the Celotex target boards. These are for rifle and pistol only.
  16. Absolutely no shooting of any glass objects.
  17. No smoking around the muzzleloader shooters who are behind the line.
  18. No capping or priming of muzzleloaders until on the firing line.
  19. All matches will be open to the public, unless otherwise stated.
  20. Special event range scheduling must be approved by the Executive Officer.
  21. The Executive Officer and Range Officers have total control of all range activities.
  22. Whenever a regularly scheduled match is in progress on any of the ranges, there will be no firing permitted on the next adjacent range. However, the Match Director may allow a shooter to use the adjacent ranges.
  23. Vehicular travel on the range is restricted to the existing roads only.
  24. Put all trash in the provided trash cans and brass in the brass buckets.
  25. When you are finished shooting, remove your targets and pick up your brass.
  26. Please ensure the gate closes when entering and exiting the range. The gate is to remain open for matches and meetings.
  27. All members are responsible for complying with safe range practices. In the event of any violation, you should notify the safety officer, range officers or any board member.
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