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Vol 2002, Sep Issue 


September 2002

The Meeting.

Pat Higgins has moved to Oregon and Don Varenhorst has agreed to fill in till we find another person to do the job. (No, Anna won't be secretary, she is doing the newsletter, Girl Scouts, and trying to build her business.) It was kind of sudden but we’re good at overcoming sudden changes.

We have 478 members to date, 270 are family members. Our NRA membership is at 49%. We have to have 50% to remain affiliated with the NRA and get those grants for the Sportsfest and all those other goodies. So, please send in the membership form on the back of this newsletter and let us know you are a NRA member.

The club now has a welder and trailer for the range. Wayland Moore got one heck of a deal on a combination gas and arc welder with a licensable trailer to go with it. It was approved by the membership to repay him the $700 he paid out-of-pocket for the equipment. The outdoor range officer is now taking classes at the college to learn how to operate the thing. Way to go Bond.

The board has approved an increase in fees for each shooter at matches and special events. It won’t take effect till next year. Any questions call Dick McGuire.

Basic Pistol classes will be offered eventually. Information about who, what, when, where, why, and how can be found through Denver DeWees.

Steve Brooks has gotten a programmable lock for the shed at the .22 silhouette range. It will have the same combination as the gate lock. There are target stands in the shed so if you need one, you can get in there and get one.

Charles Phelan got a great offer for a CVA Youth Hunter Black Powder Rifle. It’s 38” overall but I’m not sure of the caliber. He wanted to know if the club would go 50/50 on the discounted price so the club could offer a black powder rifle at the next raffle. But before the members could vote on the motion, Bud Skillmore said he’d pay the other half. (Thank you, Bud!!) Now we’ll have a Youth Black Powder rifle to offer. The more, the merrier!

The range due west of the clubhouse is a Silhouette .22 Rimfire Range. The exception is the use of straight wall pistol, bottleneck pistol and cartridges used in Field Pistol in the following cartridges; 32-20, .270 Ren, .22 Hornet, and 25-20. The ranges west of that are all pistol ranges and are intended for pistol and shotgun only. The exception is rifles that use straight wall pistol cartridges. The membership authorized the outdoor range officer to spend up to $300 for 4 signs for these ranges.

Steve Brooks said the Fair booth went well and that raffle ticket sales were brisk. He showed off our new sign that will be hung at the front of the clubhouse. Now any time we do an event we will have a nice banner to show us off with. The membership voted to reimburse Steve for the banner. Steve also said that we had between 125 and 135 kids sign up for the Sportsfest (hint, hint…) The membership also voted to do it again next year and with 478 members we should be able to get more than 12 people to work the booth, don’t you think. Thank you to all who worked the fair. It really shows us off well.

Speaking of the Sportsfest, Jack Banovic is still in need of help with the event. It will be held on September 21st and he will need some people to do sign in and a couple runners as well as all the coaches for the kids. We are trying to have a 1:1 ratio of coaches to kids. Starts at 9am and usually ends around 4pm. The kids will get to experience air rifle, .22, shotgun, black powder, safety trail, and State Fish and Game will do their game ID. If you think you can help, even just a little, please call him at 598-5536.

IPSC is hoping to host their state match here in September next year. All of the particulars still have to be worked out but it sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck to all!

September 28th there will be a Hunter Sight-in Day up at the 100-yd range. This means that the 100-yd range will be closed for the day. It will be free to all members and $5 for non-members. Some rests will be available, but bring your own targets. Everyone is welcome! Bring up what ever you hunt with and make sure you’re going to hit what you’re aiming at.

Jack Reid got up and talked about the land acquisition process with the BLM. He said that the BLM is about ½ way through the Environmental Impact Study process on the land we have requested. So far, so good. The EIS could put a halt to the whole idea if there are any environmental or anthropological concerns on the property we want. There are 3 possibilities on how we might get the land. 1- We sell all of our land and buy all of the new land. 2- We sell part of our land and buy part of the new land. OR 3- We keep all of ours and they give us the entire new piece. Of course you can guess what we’d like to see happen. But at this time, all three possibilities have to be explored before any final offer or decision can be made. Patience is the key. This is a slow process.

Legislative Notes:

You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.

The Senate has approved the arming of pilots on airplanes. The National Transportation Security Administration had opposed it until now but the new head of the NST has agreed to try a scaled down version of the plan.

Yet another court rejects reckless lawsuits. The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that lawful gun manufacturers and those who legally sell firearms are not liable for the criminal acts of others beyond their control. The three-judge panel ruled unanimously that the families of three slain Pizza Hut employees had no basis to sue Glock, the retailer who originally sold the firearm Centerfire Inc., or the operators of a gun show where the firearm was allegedly re-sold. This year’s Gun Rights Policy Conference will be held September 27-29 at the Sheraton-Crescent hotel in Phoenix, AZ. Several national gun rights leaders will be in attendance. Registration, conference materials, and luncheon are free. Participants are required to pay for their own lodging, travel, and other meals. For more info or to register, call (425) 454-4911 or email your registration to GRPC2000@saf.org. To contact your U.S. Representative, call (202) 225-3121, to reach your U.S. Senator, call (202) 224-3121. Just ask to speak with your particular lawmaker.


If you have any announcements, please call Anna Kinney 564-3651, email: ptnopt@fisi.net or mail it to the Federation address: PO Box 1411, Farmington NM, 87499.  The deadline for the newsletter is 7PM, the Monday one week prior to the next meeting.

If you move let the Secretary Don Varenhorst know!

Our Next Meeting is Tuesday September 17, 2002 at 7:30 P.M


Pat Higgins has gotten a better offer…. He will be moving to Oregon this month and settling down near his kids (I think, at least that’s what I heard he was going to do.) In the mean time, Don Varenhorst has thankfully taken the position. If you can be patient, please do. We won’t be able to keep him forever though so we are looking for someone to fill the position.

RANGE CLOSED!!! The range will be closed on Monday morning September 16, from 9 to noon, for fence inspection and maintenance. A lock will be placed on the gate during that time. It will also be closed Saturday September 21 for the Sportsfest. (But you’ll be there for that one.)


Please mark Saturday September 21st on your calendar for this year’s NRA Youth Sportsfest. We need plenty of volunteers that day. Since we have 116 participants signed up and only 18 Volunteer we are in desperate need of help. The kids enjoy it and the volunteers have just as much fun. For information or to sign up call Jack Banovic at 598-5536 or be at the September meeting. A reminder, the range will be closed that day for the Sportsfest until about 4:15 P.M.

Raffle Tickets You still have time to get your tickets. The raffle will be held at the September meeting. If you have any stubs or money please turn it in then.

Interesting reading…

A recent ABC News poll revealed that 73% of the respondents agree with the U.S. Justice Department’s interpretation of the Second Amendment as protecting the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms. As part of the polling process, the entire text of the Second Amendment was read to the participants. Duuhh… What part of “ the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” don’t you understand? (Reprinted from the September 2002 issue of “Soldier of Fortune” magazine.)

Benchrest National Championships

The SJWF Benchrest team won their regional competition. Congratulations!!! They will be competing in the Trans-continental Hunter League Benchrest National Championship September 28th. Starts at 8 am. Good Luck Guys!

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors will be meeting every 2nd Monday of the month at 7pm. (Same day the newsletter has to be in.)  The members at large are welcome to attend.

Range Schedule

The 2002 range schedule is available at the secretary’s desk at the during meetings. Stop by and pick one up.

Remember, the range will be closed September 16th for fence maintenance and September 21st for the Sportsfest!

Indoor Hunter Pistol will be held the first Wednesday in October at 7 PM. That’s October 2, 2002 at 7 PM.

.22 Rifle Indoor is held every Tuesday. Contact Charles Phelan at 327-2029.

Indoor Bullseye is held every Thursday at 7:00 PM. Contact Frank Blackmer at 598-5400

All activities must be cleared with the Executive Range Officer and written on the Range Calendar.

What a Blast:

"G = guns, PG = plenty of guns, PG-13 = more than 12 guns."


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