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Vol 2002, Mar Issue 


March 2002

The Meeting: (February 19, 2002)

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M. by President McGuire. About 49 current and prospective members were present.

Prospective New Members

Fourteen prospective members were present for the first reading. Four prospective members were present for the second reading. Billy Havens, Marvin Ludwig, Ray Lowe, and Paul Quintana were accepted as new members.

Officer, Standing Committee and Board Reports

President McGuire reported:

NRA Membership Brochures: As soon as these are obtained they will be passed out to prospective members during their range safety orientation. We must maintain 50% or more of our members as NRA members to remain an affiliate of NRA. We also can receive a kickback of $10 for each new NRA member we sign.

BLM Land Acquisition: Legal descriptions have been provided to BLM for the land we wish to acquire adjacent to Farmington PD’s Safety City. It will be another 8 months or so before papers are ready to sign. BLM also proposes to deed us our current range, primarily so it avoids any lead cleanup costs if, and when, the land is sold. We don’t intend to sell it so this should not be a problem for the Federation.

National H. S. Rodeo Finals: We have been approached by Tre Rios to determine if our facility would be available for sporting events for rodeo participants. Cabela’s is a sponsor of these events. President indicated we would be interested, but has received no further word from Tre Rios.

Treasurer Crockett reported:

The Gun Show net was about $8700 including the rifle raffle.

Current Account Balances (approx.) CDs $22,500, Savings $1450, Checking $15,000 for and approximate total of $39,127.

Secretary Higgins reported:

Roughly 35 memberships (renewal dates of 12/1/01 or earlier) will be deleted March 1 unless dues are received before that date.

The Volunteer Work List is available at the sign in counter for you to add your names.

Board Report by Director Reid:

MOTION from the Board to reimburse the Secretary $349 for Microsoft Access Database Management Software to manage the membership database: After minimal clarification and questions PASSED unanimously.

MOTION from the Board to prohibit smoking in Federation buildings: After minimal clarification and comments PASSED unanimously.

Committee Reports

Gun Show by Jack Reid, Chair:

Jack named the committee (Frank Blackmer, George Horvath, Don Varenhorst, and Pat Higgins) and thanked them for their untiring efforts. He also had thanks and praise for Leah Ray and Myron Crockett (Treasurer) for their valuable help. Last, but not least, Jack recognized Leroy Ransom for his participation while encouraging Leroy to chair the next Gun Show.

New Business

Member of the Year Award: was presented by the President to Don Varenhorst, a new board member, “For unselfish contribution to various activities, including the annual gun show, and for tirelessly assisting officers and board directors with effort far above that expected from any member.”

NRA Banquet Sponsorship: We’ve been asked again to be a sponsor for the May 10 Annual NRA Banquet at the Civic Center. For this we receive dinner tickets and raffle tickets. In past the Federation has won items in the raffle which we, in turn, have used as raffle items at our events. MOTION made, SECONDED, and unanimously PASSED to contribute $250 for a banquet sponsorship.

Good of the Order

Property Tax Exemption: Jack Reid reported that our property tax exemption had expired and was not renewed. After a lengthy time period he was asked to resubmit an application. Jack did so with the help of a lawyer who did not bill the Federation. The request was denied and the lawyer advised we had no basis for appeal.


NRA Banquet Volunteers: Volunteers are needed again to solicit sponsors for the event and to sell raffle tickets. Please attend the banquet to have an enjoyable evening and support the NRA. Contact Leah Ray if you are willing to participate.

“Guest” Defined: The President reiterated the definition of a guest per official and unofficial bylaws. Local friends and relatives can be a guest ONLY once a year. Out of town visitors and relatives can be a guest MORE than once a year.

It’s a BOY!!!

          Another straight shooter has joined our ranks.  Richard and Julie Moore were blessed with a healthy baby boy Nathaniel Jared on February 27th.  He weighed 7lb 2oz and was 21” long.  If you missed purchasing your sweatshirt from Richard at the last meeting, now you know why.

Smoking in the Building

          The membership passed a resolution prohibiting smoking in the clubhouse / indoor range building.  Many members have health problems and smoking aggravates these problems.  Please step outside the doors when you need to puff.  Thank you.

The NRA has a lot of money to give away. 

The board is looking for someone who can become our grant chairman. Dick McGuire says that writing the grants is fairly simple but if we don’t have anyone at the meetings, our grant requests will be passed over.  There is money for improvements to our current range as well as money to build our new one.  We need someone who is probably retired because the meetings are held in Albuquerque and Santa Fe during the week.  The club will reimburse travel expenses.  If you are interested please call Dick McGuire or come to the next meeting.

4 H Sundays

          Dick McGuire is working with the 4H every other Sunday.  The next meetings will be March 24th, April 7th & 21st at the indoor range.  Get a hold of Dick if you can lend a hand. 326-3283 H  324-8798 W

Cleaning House May 4 – 5 and May 18 - 19

With the IDPA State Championships coming to our range and the possibility of Cabela’s doing an event during the National High School Rodeo, we are planning 2 clean up weekends in May.  The range officers will need all the help they can get.  We’d like to look our best so we’ll be painting inside and out, sweeping the dirt and generally sprucing things up.  Please sign the volunteer sheet at the meeting or call one of the range officers and let them know you can help.

RECALL 12-gauge Shotgun ammo.

Winchester shotgun ammo that was recalled is lot # 49X3SG29, 12 gauge, 3 inch, 1 3/8 ounce #2 steel. It has an improper propellant and is to be sent to:

Olin Corporation Winchester Division

Tile Warehouse

Powder Mill Rd Gate 4A

East Alton, IL 62024


RECALL .22 Long Rifle ammo WW22LR DO NOT USE

Winchester Wildcat .22 Long Rifle High Velocity Rimfire ammo lot #s 3RA42L, 1RH71L, 1RH81L, 2RH81L, 3RH81L. Lot numbers are imprinted on the 50 round box tuck flap. To return the ammunition, pack securely in a card board box, and ship via UPS (United Parcel Service) to:

Olin Corporation Winchester Division

Tile Warehouse

Powder Mill Road Gate 4A

East Alton, IL 62024


Winchester will send you coupons good for replacement ammunition from your local Winchester dealer.

Any questions about the recall please call 1-866-423-5224.

The Combination will be changed after the March 19th meeting.

Board Meetings

          The Board of Directors will be meeting every 2nd Monday of the month at 7pm. The members at large are welcome to attend.

We regret to announce the passing of Kenneth Smith March 5th from a massive heart attach.  Our condolences go out to his family.

Our next general meeting is Tuesday March 19, 2002 at 7:30pm.

Range Schedule

The 2002 range schedule is available at the secretary’s desk at the during meetings. Stop by and pick one up.

What a Blast

Any self-loading small arm can legitimately be considered to be a “weapon of mass destruction” or an “assault weapon.”


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