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Vol 2002, June Issue 


June 2002

The Meeting: Tuesday, May 21, 2002, 7:30 P.M.

President Dick McGuire called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. The names of 12 prospective members were read. The following 5 prospective members were present when their names were called; David Paul, Jeff Foeppel, John Golden, Val Linnean, and Michael Ashley. All were unanimously voted into membership. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Dick announced that the range would be closed on May 23 & 24 so the BLM can do some testing. Also the outdoor range officer will be doing some heavy equipment maintenance.

Wayland Moore spoke briefly about the by-laws being revised. The purchase of a trailer ($589.00) and more steel for silhouettes ($1100.00) was passed. Discussion on money needed for a new gate ended in passing an authorization of $4000.00 for the gate.

Discussion of the range is still in need of equipment and a welder. We still need this equipment.

A $250 donation to the Rocky Mountain Elk foundation banquet for youth activities was approved.

It’s that time again, volunteers are needed for the County Fair.

There was a Senior Olympics Air Rifle shoot at the range May 18 & 19.

The Jazzers baseball team showed off their banner (with our name and logo on it) and said they are trying hard to go to the State Tournament in Carlsbad.

There was a generous donation of a burglar alarm and a security camera given to the Federation by Terry Pearson, prospective member and candidate for Sheriff.

Don Varenhorst, Acting Secretary


If you have any announcements, please call Anna Kinney 564-3651, email: ptnopt@fisi.net or mail it to the Federation address: PO Box 1411, Farmington NM, 87499.  The deadline for the newsletter is 7PM, the Sunday one week prior to the next meeting.

If you move let the Secretary Pat Higgins know!

Our Next Meeting is Tuesday May 21, 2002 at &:30 P.M

Legislative Notes:

You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.

The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled June 4th that allowing localities to deny state Right to Carry (RTC) permits is a violation of the state Constitution and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Attorneys for the NRA successfully argued this fact in written briefs submitted to the Court, supporting NRA’s position that the preemption clause of the New Mexico Constitution is of paramount importance, and that any RTC law should be uniform and consistent statewide.

Arizona SB 1008, Arizona’s range protection bill, was signed into law by Governor Jane Dee Hull.  The provides shooting ranges with a defense against civil liability relating to noise disturbances if they operate in compliance with the bill’s established standards.  Contact Governor Hull at (602) 542-4331 and thank her for recognizing the value of protection community shooting ranges.

(These articles were written by the NRA.)

Thank you, May 17&18 clean-up crew

A big thank you goes out to Randy Rhonemus, Jim Freudenberg, Dana Clevenger and his son Paul Quintana, the Kinney Family, Floyd Gordanier, Scott Conklin, Larry Johnson, Colt Luman, Gary Lund, Robert McClain, and Darren and Kevin Simpson.  These people found the time to come out and help clean up the range.  In one case the member came up and spent his day off from work to do a little extra painting.  Thank you to all the people (members and non-members) who made the club house and grounds look decent. 

 The Fair is coming…

          If you have any videos on hunting or safety please call me and let me know.  Steve needs them for the Fair.  He also needs volunteers.

 Cowboy Action

Since the Posse Marshals will be at the “Revenge of Montezuma” in Cortez, CO the fourth weekend of June, we have canceled our Club shoot June 22nd.  Our next scheduled shoot will be the fourth Saturday of July, i.e. the 27th

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors will be meeting every 2nd Monday of the month at 7pm. (Same day the newsletter has to be in.)  The members at large are welcome to attend.

Range Schedule

The 2002 range schedule is available at the secretary’s desk at the during meetings. Stop by and pick one up.

All activities must be cleared with the Executive Range Officer and written on the Range Calendar.

What a Blast:

The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference. They deserve a place of honor with all that is good.

-George Washington-


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