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Vol 2001, Sep Issue 


September  2001

The Meeting: (August 21, 2001)

Our next meeting is Tuesday September 18, 2001 at 7:30pm.

This month the meeting was short.  Dick IS BACK!!!  He plans on keeping the meetings shorter than before.  There will be a safety video on Black Powder shown after the meeting in September.  Anyone interested should plan to stay late for it.

      Update on Bob Burress: he is still doing a little more every day to improve his condition.  Keep your prayers up and Bob will soon follow in accordance.  Come home soon Bob! 

      BLM update:  Lee Ottaney is gone and a new director is in.  Maybe now we can start over and get somewhere.  Dick wants to try for a second patent for our proposed range site.  Good luck to our Land Committee.

      Our Hunter Benchrest team shot at the Nationals in Kansas City the week of our county fair.  They say they got SWAMPED!  It rained almost everyday while they were there.  On the lighter side they all arrived home safely which makes the trip a successful one. 

      The 4-H shooters didn't fair much better at the State Competition.  The team at Nationals made it into the top 20.  For their first time ever to shoot Nationals that's good.  As with the Benchrest team, they made it home safely.

      Richard Moore told the audience about his trip to Santa Fe to the Department of Public Safety's meeting for public input on the proposed Concealed Carry regulations.  There were a number of issues spoken on by the 50 or so people who attended.  Keeping personal information on the students of the 15-hour class by the instructors was one issue that Richard spoke to.  The state will already have that information and a lot of instructors do not want to be responsible for information that could become an identity theft problem.  Some other issues like the night qualification requirements, keeping records on how many and which questions were missed on the written test and the $1 million professional liability bond were some others.  Mayor Baca opened his mouth. (Need I say more?)  Judy Vanderstar Russell, who is the legislator who sponsored the bill, spoke for 45 minutes or so and told the committee that they were trying to rewrite the intent of the law through the regulations they were proposing.  She told them that they would be hearing from her lawyers if they tried to push some of these regulations through. By the time she was finished Richard said that DPS walked away with 2 black eyes.  Thank You!! Richard for being there to look out for everyone's interests!!!

      The Fair was a rather nice success for SJWF.  We made $1,202 profit on our raffle and everyone seemed to like our booth this year.  It was decorated with 4 of the .22 cal silhouettes painted up to look like barnyard animals.  It helped to show some of our sport off.  We also had pictures from the 4-H doings and our parade float from 4th of July hanging up on our sign from the float.  You should have seen it. 

      We also signed up 93 CHILDREN FOR THE YOUTH SPORTSFEST!!!  If you can work the Sportsfest on September 29th Please call Jack Banovic at 598-5536.


From the Secretary:  On behalf of the Federation I would like to thank Mike Kilpatrick for rising above and beyond the call of duty!  The 4-H National shooters needed help to get to the 2 weeks of shoots and Mike helped immensely.  Not only did Mike offer his truck to them he also chauffeured them to the shoots in Las Cruses and San Antonio, TX.  This thoughtful man also worded from his hotel room by way of laptop computer and cell phone.  He put in 2-4 hours of work after the boys were done with the day's shoot.  I know Mathew and Christopher Herbaugh and Jason Radojits were grateful to Mike for seeing that they got to the Nationals.  Mike deserves a BIG PAT ON THE BACK! from all of us.

Thought for the day: Firearms are mechanical tools.  As responsible gun owners it is up to us to keep them mechanically safe just as we do our automobiles.  Leah Ray July 17, 2001.

From the Chief Instructor:  Saturday October 6th, the first pistol range will be closed for a training class.  This will be an all day event lasting till after dark.


If you have any announcements, please call Anna Kinney 564-3651, email: ptnopt@fisi.net or mail it to the Federation address: PO Box 1411, Farmington NM, 87499.  Anything related to shooting events, lottery winners, etc.... I'll be glad to put it in.  The deadline for the newsletter is 7PM, the Sunday one week prior to the next meeting.

If you move, let us know!

Sportsfest:  Get in touch with Jack Banovic at 598-5536.  If you think you can help, please call him now.  It gets to be a little stressful if you all wait till the last minute.

Raffle Tickets:  San Juan Wildlife Federation raffle will be drawn at the end of the September 18th meeting.  So you still have time to get yours.  They are $2 each or 3 for $5.

Black Powder:      The Brotherhood of Free Trappers is having a Fall Camp September 21-23, 2001.  It will be held near Bayfield, CO and is open to anyone who is interested in Mountain Man or Black Powder shooting.  For more information call: Dave Jaimeson 247-8605 Or Billy Hawkins 247-8149.

Please.  Check with people before you leave the range to make sure they are current members and have the current lock combination.  With the combination changing as often as it has been, we don't want to have anyone stuck inside the gate that doesn't belong there.

Our next meeting is Tuesday September 18, 2001 at 7:30pm.

Legislative Notes:

You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.

      As of this writing, the final regulation for the concealed carry law has not been released.  Mayor Baca of Albuquerque has been pressing the press to encourage the people of Albuquerque to sign petitions to make the city a closed municipality to concealed carry.  He was also responsible for orchestrating a "sound bite" and "photo op" by the emergency room doctors who wished to speak out against concealed carry.  Too late, it's already law.  As was discussed at the meeting, Richard Moore was part of the process of bringing the law to the people.  He took the responsibility and made the effort to go to Santa Fe and speak.  Congratulations Richard!  And Thank You.

Range Schedule:

Please note:  Everybody is invited to attend the Monday night gallery shoot. Shooting starts at 7 PM.  The shoot is open to .22 cal rifles and .25 cal (or smaller) air rifles. Either with open sites or scoped.  Forty rounds are fired during this fun shoot in 4 five-minute relays of ten shots.  Questions: Charles C. Phelan, 327-2029

October 6th the first pistol range will be closed for a training class.

Cowboy Action: All summer these Cowboys and Cowgirls have been taking aim and having a great time.  But it's not over yet!!  There is a shoot in Cortez the second Sunday of every month and another in Durango on the third Sunday of every month. (These cowpokes don't stop for winter.)  Cortez will not shoot in September, as the leaders will be elk hunting.  Durango in September will have an open house for anyone interested in trying the Cowboy Action Shooting game.  They will have guns and ammo available at the range.  Shooting to start at 9 am for the regulars and then anyone else can give it a try under close supervision of an experienced shooter.  They are also planning on having a cowboy garage sale.  Bring anything that relates to Cowboy Action that you want to sell.  If you need anymore information call John Malarsie at 970-247 0745.  The San Juan Wildlife Federation Cowboy Action gang has a new name.  They are the SJWF Tres Rios Bandidos.  So watch out for the Tres Rios Bandidos in the future.

What a Blast: What part of "thou shalt not infringe" don't you understand?

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