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Vol 2001, Oct Issue 


October 2001

The Meeting: (September 18, 2001)

Our next meeting is Tuesday October 16, 2001 at 7:30pm.

Dick thanked Steve White for setting up our new web page at www.sjwf.org. The site is up and running so check it out if you can. The newsletter will be published there each month as well as being sent out by snail mail.

Dick apologized to the SASS discipline for not getting their tri-fold information sheet done. Dick said we need someone who has the capabilities to do word processing work for this job. Steve White raised his hand again. Thank you again Steve. We would like to have these folders for all of the disciplines on our range.

Dick also asked people to come forward and help our secretary by taking some of her extra curricular jobs. Steve Brooks was very brave and took the county fair task. That still leaves the Child Health fair in April. This is a one-day affair and is a very important public relations tool for handing out firearm safety information. Please call Leah or Dick if you will help.

We would like to see a historian pop up from the wood works and document the club events. This job can be very fun and rewarding. All you need is a camera and ink pen. We will provide the rest.

Our raffle did wonderfully this year. We need to keep hopping on this one. We can do better than this year but it will take real work. The idea was suggested that we could donate ½ of the profit to the New York emergency services and the Red Cross. After a lot of discussion it was decided that the money needed to stay here. That’s why we worked so hard for it. Leah won the free membership for selling the most tickets. She sold 31 books of tickets. It was because “I was hustling at the fair that I won.” All of the winners have gotten their prizes and are extremely happy!!



If you have any announcements, please call Anna Kinney 564-3651, email: ptnopt@fisi.net or mail it to the Federation address: PO Box 1411, Farmington NM, 87499. Anything related to shooting events, lottery winners, etc…. I’ll be glad to put it in. The deadline for the newsletter is 7PM, the Sunday one week prior to the next meeting.

Range Safety It is up to ALL the MEMBERS to be alert in regard to range safety, both with others and ourselves. We must always obey the Range Rules to insure safe and fun shooting. If you find someone violating the range rules, try to get a license plate number and or their name. Write a letter to the board explaining what happened and give us the information. We have and will investigate the incident and take appropriate action for the safety of all the members. Shooting should be fun not intimidating. Anger and guns do not mix!

Sportsfest: Jack Banovic did get enough help for the Youth Sportsfest. We had 56 kids show up and as always, a great time was had by all. I know that everybody came home tired and happy.

Monday night gallery shoot has moved to Tuesday night.
Shooting starts at 7 PM.


Starting in October there will be a new competition for Blackpowder shooters. The 3rd Sunday of each month there will be a shoot using pre 1840 style guns with open metal sites and patched round ball. First match will be October 21st starting at 9am. These shoots will last all winter and on into the spring. For more information please call Ferol Murusky at 324-8654.

Indoor Ladies Shoot: LeVeta Hawk would like to start an indoor all ladies shoot on Wednesday nights. She needs at least 3 people to shoot. If anyone is interested please call her at 632-2550.

Tres Rios Bandidos O Bar Freddie (Mike Rietz-SJWF) rode off to Grand Island, Nebraska to compete in the Shoot Out At Flat Water, the SASS Nebraska State Championship. In spite of, or Aprilbe because of the fog and rain, he garnered a 3rd Senior. Congratulations!!!!

Please. Check with people before you leave the range to make sure they are current members and have the current lock combination. With the combination changing as often as it has been, we don’t want to have anyone stuck inside the gate that doesn’t belong there.


Our next meeting is Tuesday October 16, 2001 at 7:30pm

Legislative Notes:

You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.

The Connecticut Supreme Court denied Bridgeport Connecticut’s claim for financial losses from gun violence. The suit alleged that the gun makers violated product liability laws and the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act and public nuisance laws. It also contended that gun makers have not done enough to make firearms safe and failed to prevent their products from getting into the hands of criminals. (How do you prevent criminals from getting their hands on anything they want?)

Ohio Supreme Court is supposed to hear a similar case too.

What a Blast

Criminals love gun control. It makes their job safer.


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