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Vol 2001, Aug Issue 


August  2001

The Meeting: (July 17, 2001)

Our next meeting is Tuesday August 21, 2001 at 7:30pm.

Richard Moore who presided over the meeting called the meeting to order at 7:40.  Myron gave an update on our finances and we are still in good shape.  The minutes of last month's meeting were accepted with out reading.  Called for first and second attendees, Francis Marcy moved to accept and John Tipton seconded.  All agreed. 

Update on Bob Burress; he is still doing a little bit better every day.  He got to dress in his britches, cowboy shirt and his COWBOY BOOTS and had a wonderful day at his daughter's wedding.  He also finished his attire with great big smiles.  He was the happiest little tick that day and we hope Bob gets to have many more like that!  Keep writing, he loves the news and even though he may not respond back, he thinks of all of us daily.

Jack Banovic, who is running this year Sportsfest, still needs people to volunteer to make this run smoothly.  If you wish to help, call him at 598-5536.

The gun show loophole was shot down in the house.  YEAH!!!

August 16, there will be a public hearing for input on the regulations regarding concealed carry permit.  We need some people to go to Santa Fe to give input.  The proposed regulations are available on the Department of Public Safety web site or get a hold of Richard Moore for details.

Leah announced that our float in the 4th of July parade got a 3rd place ribbon.  She showed everyone the ribbon but said that she's feeling a little selfish right now and is going to keep it at her house till she's tired of looking at it.  Thank you to everyone who helped put the float together and got up early and decked out in they're finest to ride on it. 

It was brought to our attention that the trash cans were full and that we need people with trucks to help dump them.  There is a trash compactor at Lee Acres behind the fire station and that's not very far from the range.  Please, If you have a truck and you see the can is full, take down the dump station and return it.  Your Mother doesn't work here and it won't take that long. It will help immensely.

Leah got up and said that she had absolutely tooooooo much to do and needs help.  First was set up for the fair booth and also tear down of the booth.  She got enough help for the set up but needs one more person to help tear down.  Second, Leah feels that we need new people for secretary and treasurer.  These are elected positions and could be considered at the January meeting.  She feels that we should have a new person in each position for one year for the next 4 years.  That way we will have people trained to take over should something happen to anyone while they are in office.  Leah said that she would keep all of the Public Relations jobs leaving the secretary with just the minutes of the meetings and membership duties.

On a lighter note; US Attorney General John Ashcroft issued a letter to the NRA stating that the Bush Administration sees the 2nd amendment as an individual right not a state right. (One small victory for people).  Kmart will no longer be selling handgun ammunition but will still carry rifle ammunition.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:45.


If you have any announcements, please call Anna Kinney 564-3651, email: ptnopt@fisi.net or mail it to the Federation address: PO Box 1411, Farmington NM 87499.  Anything related to the club or it's members.  Shooting events, lottery winners, etc.... I'll be glad to put it in.  Deadline for the newsletter is 7PM, the Sunday, one week prior to the next meeting.

The "Sportsfest"

 Please mark September 29th on your calendar.  We will probably need a lot of volunteers since each year we have more and more kids sign up. The kids really enjoy it and everyone has a great time. Get in touch with Jack Banovic at 598-5536

Raffle Tickets:

The Annual San Juan Wildlife Federation raffle has begun.  They are $2 each or 3 for $5.

Black Powder: 

August 17-19: 5th annual 1834 Hams' Fork Rendezvous, Granger, WY.  For information call (307) 875-5406

Please.  Check with people before you leave the range to make sure they are current members and have the current lock combination.  With the combination changing as often as it has been, we don't want to have anyone stuck inside the gate that doesn't belong there.

Legislative Notes:

You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.

If you are interested in the concealed carry issue, there will be a public hearing in Santa Fe on August 16 about the regulations.  We need people to be there to speak out against some of the really ditsy regulations they have written.  It seems that they are trying to over-regulate the issue in hopes of discouraging people from applying and especially as an instructor.  If the expense wasn't bad enough, the regulations will choke you.  Please try to be there.  Carpool if you can.  Richard Moore has more information. (See "Who to Contact")

As was mentioned in the meeting, the gun show loophole was defeated in the house.  Gun shows are still on.

One other bit of good news, California followed suit with New York State in saying no to suits against gun manufactures by victims of gun violence.  California agreed that the manufacturer was not responsible for the actions of the person using the gun.  Only if the gun is defective can someone sue a manufacturer for compensation for injuries. Yahoo!!!!!!

What a Blast: Free people do not ask for permission to bear arms.

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