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Membership Requirements

1. Attend one membership meeting (with sponsorship) or attend two meetings (without sponsorship) within six months. (See By Laws Article 4). The general membership meetings are held at the SJWF range facility on the third Tuesday of each month. The facility is located on US Highway 64 between eastern Farmington city limits and the San Juan County Fairgrounds (Sunray Casino) on the north side of the highway. The entrance is just west of the Sinclair gas station.

2. Complete membership application at the first attended meeting.

3. Be accepted by a two-thirds vote of the General Membership during the first meeting (with sponsorship) or the second meeting (without sponsorship).

4. Read and sign the Range Rules/Range Safety Briefing and Member Indemnity Release at the first (with sponsorship) or the second meeting (without sponsorship).

5. Pay annual dues. Dues are $250.00 per year or $150.00 per year with proof of current NRA membership. NRA Memberships are also available at the membership meetings at a discounted rate of $35.00 per year normal rate is $45.00). There is a one time $25.00 deposit for the gate entry key card which is refundable when the card is returned in good condition to the club.

You may join or renew your NRA membership by clicking on the Join Today button below>

You may renew your annual SJWF membership here if your membership is current or no more than 90 days in lapsed status. if lapsed more than 90 days, you must attend a General Membership meeting to rejoin or renew. You must enter your membership number during the completion of the renewal form. Your membership number is printed on your gate key card and is the non-leading zero numbers in the middle group of characters. For example with a gate key card: 010 00123456 AWIDxx, the membership number is the numbers 123456.


For additional information you may call David Collinsworth, Membership Clerk, at (505) 609-9950 or e-mail at mem@sjwf.org.

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