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The Web's Ultimate Resource for Cowboy Action Shooters - www.cowboyactionshooting.org


One of my pet peeves is that there are so many great aliases in CAS, but most email addresses don’t allow you to use them, so for a limited time www.CowboyActionShooting.org is offering a free email forwarding addresses.  Now, you can use your full SASS alias and “CowboyActionShooting” as part of your email address.  There is no charge for this service, it just bothers me to see all these great aliases and an email address of “fred01@msn.com” or something similar.  

Here’s how your email address will look. . .alias@cowboyactionshooting.org

This is a forwarding account only!  No one can read your email (including me) and you will receive all of your emails in your primary email account (e.g. fred01@msn.com).  

Please go to the following website for more info and to sign up: http://www.cowboyactionshooting.org/emailreq.htm


Kevin Hamm aka Doc Hammaday

I’d like to let you know about a free online auction site I’ve just launched . . . www.shadowsofthewest.com

This a fully functioning auction similar to eBay, but is only for SASS Shooters, Mounted Shooters, Old West Re-enactors, Old West Enthusiasts and those who supply them.

The concept for this site evolved from my frustration in finding quality Old West gear on other sites.  It's my hope that this format will bring buyers and sellers together in a simple, central site and make finding our gear and collectibles an easier, more enjoyable experience.

The site is now available as a free service to connect buyers and sellers.  My goal is to keep it free as long as I can.

A few of the features of this site are:

  •   Auctions can be listed with or without a reserve or buy-it-now option
  •  Sellers can choose to accept offers or entertain swaps
  •  If you regularly have items for sale, you can set up your own eBay-type store
  •  If you're in the market for an item related to our sport, you can post a wanted ad
  •  All listings (for sale or wanted) can have as many as 8 photos (each up to 500 Kb) and one short video
  •  Item descriptions can be written in html so the sky’s the limit for formatting descriptions and linking to pictures and media on external servers
  •  There are no restrictions on linking to other sites in a listing, so you can list an item and direct people to your site for additional items or services

As I said, my goal is to bring buyers and sellers together so we can all find the gear and collectibles we want and can enjoy our sport.  I hope you find the site useful for this purpose.

Have a great shooting season!

Mary-Annette Hunter aka Keystone Cayenne, SASS #35850

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