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2018 Trophy Match 


SJWF 3-Gun Nation Club
Trophy Match


The Second Annual SJWF 3-Gun Nation Club Trophy Match will be held at the San Juan Wildlife Federation Range on Saturday, June 30th, 2018. The "Weather" day will be Sunday, July 1st. The match will consist of nine stages. There will be one Classifier stage and eight "Field" stages. Two of the stages will have long range targets, some out to 250  yards.

3GN MATCH LISTING: http://memberships.3gunnation.com/Events/Details/31159

MATCH FLYER: 2018 3GN Trophy Match Flyer

COURSE OF FIRE: For the 2018 Course of Fire, please click here

SCHEDULE: 2018 3GN Trophy Match Schedule.

FEE: The early registration fee is $95. The registration fee increases to $125 After June 15th, 2018. The registration fee  includes the lunch meal on Saturday, June 30th

REGISTRATION: You may register on-line at:

REGISTRATION PACKET: Please complete the forms in the packet prior to arriving at the match.

AMMO: Estimated amount ammunition to bring to the match: Rifle:150, Handgun: 200, Shotgun Birdshot: 175, Shotgun Buickshot: 8, Slugs: 4. Actual round count will be provided when the course of fire is finalized.

RULES: The match will use the latest 3-Gun Nation (3GN) Multi-gun rules which may be downloaded here: http://www.3gunnation.com/wp-content/uploads/3GN-RULES-April.pdf. Additional local rules that will be in effect:

  1. Rifles are limited to .223 Remington or 5.56mm NATO. This is due to range restrictions of 7 of the 10 shooting bays to be used.

  2. Shotgun Birdshot larger than #5 is prohibited. No steel shot is allowed.

  3. All ammunition with projectiles that attract a magnet is prohibited.

MATCH 3GN EQUIPMENT DIVISIONS: Multi-gun Unlimited, Practical, and Factory only. The details of these divisions are in the 3GN Rules which may be downloaded from the link above in Rules.

COMPETITOR CLASSIFICATIONS: Unclassified and all Multi-gun Classes in the 3GN Rules. Only 3GN Members will have have official 3GN classifications. Everyone else will be unclassified.

TROPHY AWARDING: Trophies will be awarded based on the number of shooters in each Division or Class. A trophy for every three shooters in the same Division or Class to a maximum of three trophies will be awarded. Examples: If there are 8 shooters in the Unlimited Equipment Division, 2 trophies will be awarded to the Division. Likewise, if there are 9 or more shooters that have not been classified by 3GN (Unclassified Class), 3 trophies will be awarded to the top Unclassified Class shooters. Trophies may consist of traditional trophies, paper certificates, cash awards, or prizes depending on the level of shooter participation, and sponsor and vendor support.

SPECIAL TROPHY CATEGORIES: High Lady, High Junior, High Senior, and High Law-Enforcement.

PRIZES: All prizes will be awarded through a drawing of tickets instead of the order of finish. Top prizes include a Springfield "Sa int" AR and a Columbia River Arms AR barrel.


Information for potential sponsors and vendors is here: 2018_Trophy_Match_Sponsor_Information



For additional info concerning the SJWF 3-Gun Nation Club 2018 Trophy Match call Steve White, 505-320-3048 or e-mail at: 3-gun@sjwf.org.


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